Human Resources Department

Driver's License Requirements for All City Employees and Applicants

Positions requiring drivers' licenses must meet the city's safe driving standards as follows:

To remain in compliance with the City of Durham's safe driving standards, an employee must have:
  • Valid North Carolina driver's license. It must be the appropriate type for which the employee will operate;
  • No more than two convictions for serious traffic violations within the past three years;
  • No suspensions, revocations, or limited driving privileges within the past three years;
  • No DUI or DWI convictions within the last three years;
  • Met the conditions of the City's Substance Abuse Policy (PER714).
In addition, an employee may be removed from a City driving position following an at-fault accident while operating a City vehicle (or personal vehicle while on City business) or upon the recommendation of the Safety Staff in conjunction with the department head.

All new and current employees who operate city vehicles and motorized equipment must meet the above safe driving standards.